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Download SouzaSim - Moped Edition Apk Download

SouzaSim - Moped Edition

Download SouzaSim - Moped Edition Apk Download
Wheelie as far as you can and beat your friends in score! And that's not all! You can costumize you bike how ever you like there's tone of customization ways, like changing you rims, exhausts and many more!.

Costumization Abilities And Game Features:
Available 4 moped motorcycles, and you can RGB coloring.
Alot of Rims, with the ability to change ither rim's color(RGB) or frame's color(RGB).
Four diferent type exhaust, in each bike.
Alot of a Skin for the X bike like Special,Fiah,Manster and many more that you can unlock and some unlocked from the begin.
Chaning the light shell to tinted or not, and remove the mudguard or the dragster way.
Chaning Player's clothing and helmet color.
Costumizing your bike's handlings and power!.
Chosing Automatic or semi-automatic gearbox.

Simple or Realistic wheelie mode.
Practice or Endless wheelie.
Normal Endless or Cop Chase.

Questions & Anwsers to common problems:
1. In case the shadows are not visible thats because you are on mid or lower graphic settings, go to settings menu and set the graphics to extreme.
2. In case after the graphic settings change you game gives you a black screen on startup just relaunch the game if that not gonna work contact us to our email.
3. In cub and Glx the mudguards are removed from where the apron is.
4. To set the gearbox to semi-automatic you must tap on the screwdriver icon in top right corner and then to "auto" button.
5. In case the Glx or Cub are not wheeling properly reset the bike settings from the tuning menu.
6. How i make money in the game to buy something? Just by playing with wifi open you get money in every turn in wheelie game.(in case you bought the paid version you would allready have 9999 Cash in game).
7. I dont like the XMas ambient how i disable it? the xmas would be disabled automaticaly when your calendar hits the first February.

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