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UPSC CISF Assistant Commandant LDC Exam Scheme 2016 | Limited Departmental Competitive Exam Pattern 2016,

The aspirants who have applied for Union Public Service Commission Assistant Commandant jobs in various organizations like BSF, CRPF, ITBP, SSB can download UPSC old question papers using the links given below.. You are required to general pay in slip during in part 2 registration and deposited the fee a the counter of sbi branch on the next working day online.. Data Interpretation – Not much preparation required, Just brush up your basics on ratio, proportion , Percentage , profit & loss and practice previous year questions.

Bhutia and LepchaGond and Korkulrula and TodaSahariya and Agariya. Comprehensive Study Material: With 11+ books covering the various subjects, Question banks and practice sets of each subject, ready reference notes for important topics, all extensively researched and prepared after analysis of previous years’ exam patterns. Oriya Paper I 2011; 2012; 2013; 2014; 2015. The UPSC CAPF Model and Sample Question papers is also added for the candidates to make their own examinations before appearing in the UPSC Prelims and Mains exam.. Central Armed Police Forces Assistant Commandant Exam Pattern (Click Here). Civil Engineering Paper I 2011; 2012; 2013; 2014; 2015.

UPSC CAPF Last year Question Paper PDF Download – The candidates can check and download the UPSC Exam CAPF previous year question paper year by year to get an clear idea about the patterns and the type of questions asked in the examinations


As the book contains ample number of previous years’ solved papers of UPSC CPF Assistant Commandant Examination, it for sure will help the candidates prepare their best for the upcoming UPSC CPF Assistant Commandant 2015 examination..

Please read each of the following instructions carefully before attempting questions.

Date of Exam:- 12-07-2015 (Sunday).

The warring sides of our nature require to be reconciled. Answer Key:- Candidates who are looking forward to get answer key can check the status of solved questions here. Click on the link below to download the paper. We are providing all the Trending information such as Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Railway Jobs

Srl. No. Category of Event Gender &


Nature of the Test
Male Female
a) 100 Meters Race 16 Seconds 18 Seconds Qualifying Nature. No Marks for these Rounds
b) 800 Meters Race 3 Minutes 45 Seconds (225 Seconds) 4 Minutes 45 Seconds (285 Seconds)
c) Long Jump 3.5 Meters (03 Chances) 3 Meters (03 Chances)
d) Shot Put (7.26 Kgs.) 4.50 Meters

Candidate can Download UPSC – CAPF Question Paper of AC .from Link which are given Below. Question(Abstract) Correct Option 1 A circle is drawn inside a square of length 4 C 2 If the ratio of X to Y is ¾ and the ratio of Y to Z D 3 The sum of the base and altitude of the triangle C 4 If the 9 mangoes cost as much as 5 oranges B 5 In the diagram(not to scale), the value of x B 6 The campus poll covering 300 undergraduate B 7 The following tables show expenditure of 2 families A and B C 8 Relationship among animals, cows and horses C 9 How many degrees hour hand in a clock moves (answer 84) D 10 If the radius of OA=OB=100 meter, men walking question ( answer 723) B 11 If 5 persons can weave 160 mats in 8 days B 12 Two cars moving in the same direction with the speed 45km/hr B 13 Figure next in the series ( Dot, circle, plus signs in a rectangle) A 14 Boxes question with letters E,F,E,B etc B 15 In a class 40 students passed in the mathematics C 16 The least integer whose multiplication with 588 B 17 The fifth term of alphabet series BCYX,EFVU A 18 By selling an article at 270, a man losses 10% C 19 In a certain code, ‘PLANT’ is written as ‘$@2*’ D 20 If A is coded as 1, B as 3 and C as 5 then value of word ‘FACED’ C 21 Natural gas is a mixture of A 22 Diamond is obtained after applying high temp and pressure D 23 The three primary soil micronutrients D 24 Diamond Ring, Gods eye and Baily’s beads A 25 Turning machine serves as D 26 Leaves of lotus and water lily are not easily wet A 27 Arsenic present in a ground water can be A 28 Transformer is used to C 29 The filament of electric bulb “Tungsten” D 30 Electricity meter may be a/an D 31 Advanced and delayed sunrise reason B 32 The formation of color in soap bubble B 33 Geostationary  satellite completes one revolution(Ans:24 hours) B 34 Correct sequence of conductivity (metal, semiconductor, insulator) D 35 About “MODEM” D 36 Not a form of Carbon ( Ans: Quartz) D 37 Plants capable of photosynthesis (Ans: autotrophs) C 38 With reference to India, statement about urbanization is correct D 39 Correct statement about landslide B 40 Correct statement about globalization A 41 The content having a largest area in equatorial belt ( Africa, South America) B 42 About Gondwana system 43 Not correct, shilling plateau, vindhayas fold mountain etc C 44 The oldest rock formation in India (Ans: Archean system) B 45 Not correct statement about black soil D 46 Nearest to tropic of cancer (Ans:Aizawal) A 47 Matching (Rhine, seine, Elbe river etc) B 48 Correctly matched( Idukki, Sabarigiri etc) A 49 Share common boundaries with max no of states ( Ans: Chhattishgarh) C 50 The state of Sikkim is surrounded by A 51 Khumbum monastery C 52 Place at the confluence of alakananda and pindari B 53 Matching ( Asia,Africa with atacama, Mojave etc) C 54 Ocean current that mixes with Labrador current C 55 The wallace’s line D 56 Major occupation in equatorial region A 57 M G opposition to separate electorate for untouchables A 58 Causes of decline of harappan civilization, weakest B 59 “Ashtadhyayi” author B 60 Easternmost inscription of Ashoka 61 The prevelance of grain in harappan sites C 62 Statement about industries in colonial India is not correct D 63 The establishment of Mughal rule in India 64 The First major boost to modern industry in 1860s ( American civil war) 65 Difference btw Mahayana and hinayana 66 Dakshianpatha ancient trade route 67 The salt satyagraha B 68 The khilafat movement was built around B 69 M G severe criticism of congress leadership for BHU 70 Akbar’s IBADAT KHANA B 71 The Buddhist sangha was an organization of monks A 72 Matching (Vallamkali, pooram festival etc) B 73 The direct correlation among caste, povery and social status D 74 Vijayanagar rulers claimed to have ruled C 75 Separate electorate for Christians, anglo-indians C 76 The chipko movement D 77 Formation of new state procedure B 78 The bill in order to become Act require A 79 Correct statements, Offices connected with religious, state may reserve a post C 80 Statements, fundamental rights and directive principles C 81 Statements, Instruction in mother tongue C 82 Expenditures charged on the consolidated fund of india B 83 Privileges of the house of people collectively A 84 A bill is deemed to be “Money Bill” if A 85 Statements ,Powers of the speaker B 86 Disqualification for membership of either house of parliament C 87 Regarding termination of the sitting of the house A 88 Statements, A person not a member of either house,  anyone can be appointed C 89 The central administrative tribunal adjudicates B 90 The items of expenditure of Central govt.

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