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IIT JEE Chemistry-Chemical Bonding Video Lecture – 5. ANSWER KEY TWT CHEM (NTPJC 1) DT-22-12-2015.pdf.

IIT JEE Maths-Function Video Lecture – 7.

JEE Main 2016 Physics Syllabus:.

A) Coaching emerges from the need to excel relative to others.

Junction transistor, transistor action, characteristics of a transistor; transistor as an amplifier (common emitter configuration) and Oscillator. Mathematical Induction and Reasoning.

Unsaturated hydrocarbons with double bonds between the carbon atoms are called alkenes while those with triple bonds are called alkynes.


Groupwise study of the p – block elements. IIT JEE Maths-Function Video Lecture – 4. Trigonometry Trigonometric functions, their periodicity and graphs, addition and subtraction formulae, formulae involving multiple and sub-multiple angles, general solution of trigonometric equations.

Admission criteria to Undergraduate Engineering Programs at NITs, IIITs, Other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions, Institutions funded by participating State Governments, and other Institutions shall include the Performance in the class 12/equivalent qualifying Examination and in the Joint Entrance Examination, JEE (Main).

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Our Experts will Answer Your Queries about JEE,Admission Process of IIts/NITs etc.. SEGREGATION LIST OF MAINS BATCH AFTER MT DATED 15.11.2015.pdf.

Applicants may download JEE Advanced Syllabus & Exam Pattern in PDF format from official site through online process.. ANSWER KEY TWT (BATCH-NTPJC 1 TO 4 ) DT. Preparation, properties and reactions of alkenes and alkynes: Physical properties of alkenes and alkynes (boiling points, density and dipole moments); Acidity of alkynes; Acid catalysed hydration of alkenes and alkynes (excluding the stereochemistry of addition and elimination); Reactions of alkenes with KMnO4 and ozone; Reduction of alkenes and alkynes; Preparation of alkenes and alkynes by elimination reactions; Electrophilic addition reactions of alkenes with X2, HX, HOX and H2O (X=halogen); Addition reactions of alkynes; Metal acetylides. (General/OBC) (SC/ST/PWD/Girls) (General/OBC) (SC/ST/PWD/Girls)






Coordinate Geometry


Three dimensional geometry


In case of any discrepancy, candidates are advised to communicate the same to JEE Main Secretariat immediately so that necessary action can be taken..

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