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IES Answer Key 2015 Released UPSC Indian Engineering Services Examination

(c) Rajya Sabha cannot be dissolved. General Ability Test 2011; 2012; 2013; 2014; 2015.

There is no group discussion. The answer key is issued online and is free of cost. UPSC ESE Answer Key 2015

. (b) Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999.

(b) a plan of action for sustainable economic growth in the Asia-Pacific Region, an outcome of the deliberations of the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum. All the Engineering candidates have been appeared for this IES exam. For better preparation for your civil services exam 2015 you must register for our online test series which has a mix of actual questions that appeared for the prelims exam along with expected questions.

• Write the answers, step by step in tidy manner to give an impressive presentation and by doing this the candidate will not miss the essential points and formulae

Category & Discipline Name Guessed Questions
Cat-I: Civil Engineering 1.       What is problem in working with flexible pavement?2.       Explain the Isohyetal Method?3.       Which type of Steel is used in off-shore structure for making a column? Fe 250, Fe 415 or Fe 500?

4.       What are various Theories of Failure?

5.       What do you understand by Hydrostatic Pressure?

6.       What is the relation between the strength of a Cube & the Strength of a Cylinder?

7.       What is Weber’s Number?

8.       What are various types of a Column?

9.       What is the function of Ballast?

10.   What is Carbon Credit?

11.   Explain the definition of Topography?

12.   What is Euler’s Law?

Cat-II: Mechanical Engineering 1)       What is Hook`s Law? Tell us the difference between Ductile and Brittle material.2)       Which type of brake is used in the Railway?3)       What is meant by the Gear Ratio?

4)       How can a Square Section cut in lathe?

5)       How does a Screw Jack work?

6)       Why Heavy vehicles are run on the Diesel Engine?

7)       Which among does Steel, Copper and Brass conduct Faster Heat?

8)       For what purpose Venturi-meter is used?

9)       What kind of the material should be used for shafts manufacturing?

10)   What is the difference between PERT and CPM?

11)   What is value engineering?

12)   Tell us boiler thickness formulae?

Cat-III: Electrical Engineering 1)       How does a Solar Panel work?2)       Compare AC with DC in Applications?3)       What is ESLR?

4)       What is SDH?

5)       Explain the Operation & the advantage of SF6 Circuit Breaker

6)       Explain / What is the Difference between LCD & CRT?

7)       What is the difference between IGBT& GTO?

8)       What is Scott connection in 3-Phase Transformer?

9)       How grounding is provided in the METRO Rail?

10)   What are the different types of winding in Synchronous Machine?

11)   What are the different types of faults in Transmission Line?

12)   Explain Tell us Methods to improve efficiency of a transformer?

Cat-IV: Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering N/A

Civil Services (Main) Exam Question Papers.

“Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojna’ has been launched for.

The UPSC, Engineering Services Exam, Mechanical Engineering Paper II (Conventional Papers) Paper is divided into three section. M4- You may not be knowing but IOC is destroying a lot of mangroves in coastal area, being an engineer in IOC how you will justify it?. IES 2015 Answer Key – Mechanical Engineering Paper II.

French Paper II 2011; 2012; 2013; 2014; 2015. (d) To probe the space outside the solar system


The official UPSC IES Answer Key 2013 will be published after Successfully Conduct the IES Paper I Exam. UPSC Engineering Services Exam answer key 2014 / IES Key 2014 / ESE Answers Key 2014 / UPSC Engineering Services Examination 2014 Answer key / UPSC Engineering Services Examination answer key 2014 / IES answer key 2014 / IES cut off marks / ESE cut off marks / IES paper solution / ESE paper solution 2014 / IES-ESE Solutions 2014 / IES-ESE Solution / Answer Key 2014 – available. Indian Police Service Ltd.

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