Friday, February 26, 2016

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is the greatest life Insurance company in India. Being a pioneer in the life insurance industry, LIC controls through branchhes everywhere throughout the nation, numbers are above 2000. LIC welcomes intrigued and qualified Indian citizens for different posts according to the vaccancies. The individuals who needs to apply, should apply on line, as just online applications are asked. To get into LIC you have to show up for the particular exam and the competition is extreme yet not outlandish.

Currently LIC has released the notification of recruitment for Assistant Administrative Officer.
Here in this page you will find many informations about the exam and ideas for how to prepare to get through, for which many sample papers are also available.

Sample papers or previous year question papers are the best resource to practice for any examination. Solving the mock version of the real question paper not only gives you ample practice but also familiarizes you with the exam pattern, which eventually increases confidence.

Whether it is board or any competitive examination, students have to focus on a number of subjects including important ones like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Here are the several ways in which sample papers/mock tests can boost your exam preparation and scores.

In this article we have created a list of tips that students should follow in order to use sample papers to their advantage for exam preparation.


Practice regularly, because it is very important while you prepare for any exam. Since its not the real exam paper, there will be allot of distractions, all you need to do is avoid those distractions and focus on the paper solving, whic is possible only with the regular practice.


Sample papers are made such a way that they are just like the real exam paper. To know your strengths,  weaknesses and your preparation level, you must practice the sample papers very seriously.


While preparing for the exam, and before solving the sample papers, you must know about the syllabus well. This is very important so that you know what you are learning and for what you are learning. Without knowing the syllabus, one can not think of passing the exam.

Introspect, learn from mistakes:

After solving sample papers, each time you should go through the mistakes you did. By doing this you will be able to correct it and know how to do it right next time, and this will help you to overcome our weaknesses.

Record the time and beat it again:

While solving the sample papers, you should also record the time, and resolve the paper again, by correcting the mistakes and do it faster. So with the practice of this you can improve your speed of solving questions and the paper.